Becoming an affiliate for podcast hosting providers is a popular way to earn a passive income.
  • Transistor affiliate program – when you refer podcasters to Transistor, you'll get a 25% commission (ongoing) from any customers who use your referral link. 
  • Libsyn affiliate program – Libsyn doesn't have a public affiliate program.
  • Buzzsprout affiliate program – Buzzsprout pays $25 per referral or a 20% commission.
  • Podbean affiliate program – Podbean doesn't provide a commission. They'll give you one free month of podcast hosting for each referral.
  • Simplecast affiliate program – Simplecast doesn't have an affiliate program.

Earn money by recommending podcast hosting companies

If you have a high-traffic review site, blog, or affiliate site, recommending podcast hosting companies can be a good way to earn an income.

The key to success is traffic. The more traffic you have the more visitors you can send to the different hosting companies.

Here's an example:

Let's say you send 10,000 visitors to Transistor, and 200 start a trial. After the 14-day free trial, 150 become paying customers.

With 150 paying referrals, you would earn $1,000 per month as a Transistor affiliate.